Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Time

To do something with the blog!  Knowing that I haven't written in it for a month and a half taunts me every day.  My husband (the official blog conscience) asks me about it on a regular basis.  I met someone this past weekend who had read it and really enjoyed it.  But if I don't update it, is it serving a purpose?

Just having finished Year Two of Zoe being open (and Year Three since I started the blog) coupled with my current time-challenged schedule, I had to make a decision - keep going or let the blog go dormant?

I decided I want to keep going but I've got to find a way to keep it manageable.  I can't let my perfectionist streak prevent me from writing at all.  Perfect is the enemy of good, after all (Thanks, Voltaire). 

So keep an eye out for a Reboot of Zoe's Blog.  I know - very cliche, especially with my IT background.  But it just makes sense.

Watch for shorter features, things that are top of mind for me in the fashion world, things I figure out about myself and I how I react to the fashion business.  I will still include fun Zoe things too.  And let me know what you think - did the reboot work?


  1. Maintaining a blog with regular postings is hard work. I live with someone who keeps it real for me, too, always asking what I wrote about today ...

    I've thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with you and Zoe! It is true that we don't have to write multiple paragraphs to be thoughtful and insightful. Just say whatever you're thinking! [He says as he's "thinking" about his next art topic and not "writing."]

  2. I'm looking forward to the reboot! I agree, blogging can become just another chore on the to do list if you let it. Good for you for recognizing and doing something about it. :)

  3. Yes, I think short snippets on style trends and new arrivals in the store are the way to go. Those are the ones that always remind me that I need to stop in the shop again!