Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who Do You Dress For?

Recently, through the Twitter feed of @corporette, I found a link titled "Kind of an awesome essay from a woman tired of being told she "doesn't have to dress up for work"".  Having been asked the question "What are you all dressed up for?" many times, I had to read the blog post.

The general premise of the article was the perfect expression of how I feel (but I will note that the language and the tone were not typical of the way I would share those thoughts!)  I've linked to the article here but just be aware that while I condone the message but not the delivery!

Key points:

1) I dress for myself.  Period. And I encourage you to do the same.  Don't dress for your friends.  Don't dress for your husband.  Dress for you.  If they like what you wear, that is icing on the cake.

2) Be comfortable.  Your definition of comfortable.  And that doesn't have to mean a Sloppy, I belong in a "People of Walmart" photo comfortable.  I love when the author says "Maybe I'm comfortable going home and putting on a ball gown." 

3) I wear heels.  And I like them.  My feet were ruined by years of ballet.  Heels aren't going to harm me much more than that.  Often, I feel more comfortable in them than I do flats.  (I have a whole other post coming on shoes!)

She included this photo (note - I wouldn't wear this one to work.  But I actually know someone in the fashion business who would!)

Dress for you - you'd be surprised how wonderful it feels.

Note:  If you don't already read the Corporette Blog, I highly suggest it - http://corporette.com/

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