Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Design, Etc.

Today, the postman rang my doorbell and delivered the first of my hat boxes to me!  This is The Hecht Co. hat box and also included 4 vintage hats that I will also use for decorating.

This morning, I visited a friend of mine in Dunn Loring.  She lives in a house built in the 1800s along the WO&D Trail.  It was once a store along the railroad that ran where the trail does now.  She is an expert with paints and has been slowly and carefully restoring her home.  I knew she would have good advice on paint colors and types.  She introduced me to an English paint company called Farrow & Ball.  While I may not be able to afford their paints, looking at their website gave me all sort of ideas for paint combinations!  Once again, it is important that the decor compliment the clothing, not distract from it.

She knows that I write the blog about Zoe but prefers to get her updates "in person".   She knows that I consider Zoe my "child".  As I was sharing all of the accomplishments (and frustrations) with her, she laughed and said "You sound like a pregnant woman who is ready to give birth!  You are done being pregnant!"  Then she went on to talk about how I would have behaved had I ever actually been pregnant - probably trying to boss the Ob/Gyn around and nitpicking every detail.  She really had me laughing - I fear she knows me too well!

I got a very nice gift on Saturday evening from neighbor Charlie (a CIO at a credit union in Alexandria). He gave me some computer networking equipment for the store.  I offered to pay him but he said he wanted to support what I was doing and he would be really happy if I could use it!  I feel so fortunate that all of my neighbors have been so excited and supportive of my new adventure!

Tomorrow:  Does Zoe visit the City of Alexandria offices?


  1. Ooh, I've always been a Benjamin Moore girl, but F&B looks nice! Can't wait to see what you choose.

  2. Thanks, Juice! My friend says that the F&B paints have deep pigmentation so they only require one coat! She has used them all over the interior of her restored home. They really do look good.