Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Viewpoint

This is the first time I've voted as a small business owner.  I always have key issues that are important to me when selecting a candidate but I also spent time studying not only those running for Congress in my district but also in other races throughout the country as well.   It is a perspective I've never applied previously and I've enjoyed learning about the issues and potential initiatives that affect small businesses.  Regardless of how you vote, I hope you voted today!

I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of the vanilla shell buildout numbers from the general contractor.  Those numbers, coupled with the numbers I've already received from my architect, will allow me to discuss the lease changes with my attorney and hopefully move the leasing process forward.  I am a very motivated tenant!

This afternoon, I got a momentarily scary call from one of my wholesalers, asking if I was going to place an order with one of their lines for February delivery.  I knew I had placed one in Atlanta two weeks ago!  Just as I was reaching for the paper from my file, she found it!  Huge relief!  Now, if they'd incorporate a little technology into the process...

I also started working on the chart of accounts for my QuickBooks software this afternoon.  I discussed the general strategy with my accountant and he has asked to see what I come up with.  And yes, I can hear those of you in the peanut gallery laughing.  The good thing - much of my previous career has prepared me to address things like this, even if they aren't the things I look forward to doing!

I'm still haunting some thrift shops to see if I can find the right items for the store decor.  No luck so far this week but I'm confident I'll stumble onto something soon!

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