Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Morning, Another Delightful Surprise!

No, seriously!  Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about looking at my email first thing in the morning and having something fun to review from Web Designer Mark?  This morning's delightful email surprise was courtesy of the very talented Graphic Designer Cori!  She has been working on collateral for Zoe and had Business Card and Contact Card designs for me to review!

As usual, Cori had captured the personality and direction of the store perfectly.  I spent a couple hours this afternoon reviewing the designs and determining my favorites.  Each detail is important to the branding of the store and I want it all to communicate the same message of style and joy.

On the not quite so creative front, I also called the Virginia Department of Taxation this afternoon to change my business start dates for Income and Sales Tax Withholding.  This will prevent them from sending me the forms and me from having to fill them out until I truly need to do so.

Day Two of being annoying regarding the lease seems to be working.  This morning's report from my broker had no new news but this afternoon's report confirmed that the landlord has decided to do the vanilla shell work on my space themselves (as opposed to having my construction team do it) and are discussing the handicap access requirements for the space with the proper local authorities.  Once they have confirmed their responsibilities and it is adjusted in the lease, I should have a document for review.  We'll see what tomorrow's being annoying strategy brings!

I also made a quick trip this morning to IKEA in Woodbridge, VA.  They actually have an IKEA Business Group that can provide assistance on furnishment for office and retail spaces.  I love to walk around and look there anyway!  And on Friday, friend Janice and I are going to Leesburg to look at some stores there for ideas and possibilities.  The creative side of the business has definitely kept me upbeat and focused this week!

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