Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Do You Feel About Cotton Prices?

Not a question I ever thought I would be asking myself, that's for sure!  The New York Times had an article yesterday stating "A severe shortage has pushed cotton prices almost 80% higher since July, a shift that has manufacturers and merchants predicting 2011 price increases." As a result of the higher prices, some retailers are raising prices on garments containing cotton while some apparel manufacturers are looking for substitute materials.   

Each day, I receive an email "digest" of retail, small business and entrepreneur news articles to help me learn and keep me abreast of all that is going on in my "new to me" industry.  

I also love learning about new outlets for fashion news and information.  Today, I found a very fun blog called Corporette.  It brands itself as "A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog for Overachieving Chicks".  Very good, practical and fun fashion advice for women who don't want to just wear the "Corporate Uniform" to work every day!  

Sadly, I cannot report that I am any further along in the leasing process.  I had been scheduled to receive the costs from the general contractor for the vanilla shell space today but have not received anything yet.  There is always tomorrow...

But, happy news is that Web Designer Mark has told me that he has completed one mood board and should have the second one done on Thursday.  We are going to schedule time to talk this weekend to review them.  I cannot wait to see what he has done!

After chart of accounts set up was complete, I started setting up my vendors in the software's address book.  Hopefully, I haven't broken any naming conventions yet.  And I love how it reminds me to get the Tax ID for 1099s - every time I go into the vendor record!  (Are you proud of me, Janie?)

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