Friday, November 5, 2010

Starting Out In Style

One thing that I had never had much time to do was consider decorating.  The decorating done in my home was done in conjunction with a professional interior designer and was done over a significant period of time (as we had money to do different things).  Although I could say to her "I like this and not that" I never really did any of the initial selections myself.

This has all changed as I contemplate the design for Zoe.  While I want the main attraction to be the clothes and other items that I'm selling, I want to have a warm, inviting, pleasant atmosphere that makes people comfortable when they visit.  I've been spending time recently (between accounting system set-up and leasing headaches) looking at potential designs and ideas for the store.

A couple new finds that I hope to visit next week are Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA and Oliver Dunn, Moss & Co., and Catherine Roberts in Georgetown, DC.  Friend Janice has been to Old Lucketts and another antique store (Ekster Antiques) and has offered to go with me next week on my hunt for new treasure for the store.  I have a very specific mental visual of what I want and just need to find the right thing to satisfy that picture!

Next week will also be a serious push to finalize the lease.  Watch out - I've got my hard hat on and I'm climbing into the bulldozer!


  1. I have the ability to visualize what I love but not always the ability to communicate it to others. If only I could paint or draw - now that would be great. Good luck next week!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see all your treasures when I come shopping at Zoe! It's all coming together!

  3. Sounds fun, but narrowing down all the choices must be so tough!