Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Final? Or Not Final?

Yesterday, I had decided to ratchet up the pressure on getting the leasing process moving again.  Although I'm trying so very hard to be patient, I've reached the limit (and oh, have I been having to try so hard to be patient - surely that counts for something!)

Before I left for my exercise class this morning, my broker had sent me an email to say that he expected an update this afternoon.  That was fine - I had decided I'd take my class, come home for a shower, eat lunch and then embark on my mission.  When I checked my email after the shower, there was a revised copy of the lease!  (What I hope is the FINAL copy of the lease).

I reviewed it this afternoon and sent a copy to my attorney for his review.  I am happy with the content and noticed only a couple minor typographical errors.  I would be VERY HAPPY if we could get it signed this week.

In the meantime, I also stumbled across a new website (from Google) at  If you choose to set up an ID/boutique, the site runs you through a series of questions - likes and dislikes for styles, colors, and silhouettes of clothing types.  It also asks about designers that you like and don't like.  Based on all of this information, it categorizes you in a distinct "style" and then presents clothing, shoes, and bags for your review.

Now, the point of the site is to try to get you to buy the items in places in your boutique.  You have the opportunity to like and dislike the items so that the site can continue to determine items that match your personal style.  I find it fun to see what they come up with, how much of it I like, and then consider my wardrobe and how it matches up (or can be enhanced).  They do include two of Zoe's designers - Tracey Reese and Rebecca Taylor.  If you do try it, let me know what style category you are in - I was Classic (not a big surprise).

Hopefully more happy news on the lease tomorrow!


  1. I was also "classic". I was hitting "skip" a lot though.