Monday, November 8, 2010

Mood Boards

Yesterday, I described the two mood boards that Web Designer Mark had reviewed with me.  Today, I spent a great deal of time reviewing them so that I could provide him with the appropriate design direction.

Which one do you think I picked?

Drum roll please....

Mood Board #2!  And why is that, you may ask?
  • It fits more with the fun, joyful image that I'm expressing through starting the business
  • It is a good fit if I do go into children's apparel in the future (a sister website following these same conventions would provide for a standard theme)
  • Zoe Girl was used as an inspiration, which is very important to me to keep her central to branding of the store
  • It is a contrast to the stark, serious fashion sites and will blend well with my "sister sites" in Old Town Alexandria
I then provided Mark with the specific things that I loved and the things I'd like to change/see rendered differently.  Based on my feedback, he plans to have a Home Page designed for me by the end of the week and have enough ready to hand off to the web developer by Thanksgiving!  

In other news, I called my broker today to talk about the lease.  And I will now call him every day until things are resolved/we get a lease signed.  I hate to have to unleash annoying Susan but it's time to pull her out of my arsenal.  Let's just hope we don't get to mad Susan.  No one likes to see that.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the website! I also think you made the best choice.
    I am glad that annoying Susan has been unleashed! I have to say that it would be hard for me to imagine the "Mad Susan", I only remember the "Nice Susan"!

  2. Debbie, you are so kind! Although I don't like it, sometimes Mad Susan comes in handy! I'm so glad you remember Nice Susan!