Monday, November 15, 2010

Hunting for Hat Boxes

I've had a lot to think about since my shopping extravaganza for Zoe on Friday.  One of the things that appealed to me in looking at all of the decorating ideas was the use of hat boxes for decor.  I have some vintage purses I plan to use as well as a couple pairs of long gloves.  I'm also looking for some unique shoes but found myself very drawn to the concept of hat boxes.

You may remember a much earlier post about my department store shopping experiences.  What if I could find hat boxes from regional department stores that are now defunct to decorate the store?  First, I wanted to focus on the DC Region - I found a Woodward and Lothrop and Hecht Company hatboxes on Etsy.  What else did I want?  I knew I wanted Marshall Fields (Chicago) and found it on eBay.  And then I went back to Etsy and found Bonwit Teller.  But then I started to struggle - what were some of the places we had visited over the years?  Fortunately, there was a Wikipedia article on that very topic.

I've made a list of others to focus on, including Richmond institutions Thalhimers and Miller & Rhoads as well as DC's Garfinckels, San Francisco's I. Magnin, Cincinnati's Pogue Company and Atlanta's Rich's.  I'm very excited for the ones I've purchased to start arriving!

No new news on the lease today - an email from my broker saying he is still pressing them for the new draft of the lease with the final buildout and square footage information in it.  I paid my attorney today for his work in October and did some more updating/configuration in the accounting software.  I'm so excited to move forward I can hardly stand it!

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