Monday, November 22, 2010

Zoe's Home Page Design

Web Designer Mark always sends me design-related items a few minutes prior to our phone conferences so that I can have an opportunity to develop some quick first impressions before he formally presents the design to me.

Knowing we had a call at 8:30 this evening, I had logged into my "work" email early and I was waiting for the email.  It arrived about ten minutes before our call - right on schedule.  I was DELIGHTED when I saw his design for the home page and decided to get Jim's reaction.  (He was sitting across from me, also on his laptop).  When I spun my laptop around and said "Hey, look at this!" he audibly gasped!!  He thought Zoe's home page looked beautiful.  So did I.

Mark and I had a twenty minute conversation where he reviewed what he had done with me and gave me time to make comments and ask questions.  As usual, I'll review for a day or so and provide him with my feedback via email.  I love that he has not only captured everything I've said to him about my vision for the store/site but also that he has been faithful to incorporating the branding, logo, and Zoe Girl throughout.   I also like that he doesn't want to make Zoe Girl a pre-packaged clone of every other website out there.  He understand my desire for clear, clean, yet unique.

Tomorrow:  Might there possibly be good news on the lease?

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