Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Email Brings A Happy Surprise

I am still an early riser, even though I no longer have a long commute to work.  I enjoy getting up with Jim, fixing his lunch, having breakfast with him and seeing him off.  After he leaves, I normally sit down at my laptop with my coffee to check my email and get the day started on the right foot.

Imagine my delight when I saw that I had an email from Web Designer Mark with the wireframe diagram of Zoe's home page!  He was pleased with the responses that I had given him in my website reviews and used that information along with the other information from our talks and email correspondence to create the diagram.  I'll be reviewing it today and providing him with comments.  I often get wonderful surprises like this in the mornings (as opposed to when I was in IT and was often surprised with an "Oh crap!" kind of email!)

I had a morning meeting with Buildout Manager Scott, Architect Michael, and Construction GC/Estimator Bob at Zoe's potential space.  We had a wonderful meeting and I was very impressed with my first meeting with Michael and Bob face to face.  I really got the feeling that they cared about my best interests and both were very knowledgable in their fields and in dealing with the City of Alexandria.

At the end of our meeting, we all had "Action Items" to follow up on to keep the process moving.  After lunch, I completed mine, one of which was to provide the team with the contact information for my attorney so Architect Michael and he could reconstruct some of the language in the lease to specify how the space should be delivered to me.  By 2:30, they conferenced me in on a call to discuss the changes!  I like this kind of service!


  1. I bet you are so excited! Each day seems to bring such wonderful news!

  2. Seems like things are moving right along!! I loved the first part of this entry about getting up with Jim, making his lunch and having breakfast.. you are just too cute! Love catching up with you and Zoe through the blog, your entries are so easy to read and have me pumped up right along with you! Miss you!

  3. I love happy emails and productive days too!! who doesn't?! Glad things are moving along great!

  4. Thanks everybody! The last week and a half has been fantastic! I feel like so many things are happening, right on time. I continue to learn so much about the benefits of being patient.

    I appreciate ALL of your love and support!