Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Market

In addition to enjoying our much needed rain yesterday, I spent most of my Zoe focused time on getting ready to go to Market in Atlanta in October.

Here are the requirements to attend Market as a buyer (and my status):

   Wholesale Retail Businesses

   All of the Following:

  •      Current retail business license or federal resale tax certificate (DONE)
  •      Imprinted business check (IN PROCESS)
  •      Corporate credit card or proof of merchant credit card ID #  (DONE)
  •      Photo ID or passport (one per buyer) (DONE)
  •      Personalized business ID (business card or cancelled payroll check) - One per buyer                                required (IN PROCESS)
  •      Internet businesses must also provide print out of search engine with web-site and proof of URL registration (N/A)

   Plus One of the Following:

  •      White or yellow page business phone listing 
  •      Current year executed sales tax return or sales tax coupon book 
  •      Lease agreement for commercial space (IN PROCESS)
  •      Photo of retail store front with company name/logo/signage clearly displayed 
  •      Current Invoices showing you purchase Mart-related Merchandise in quantity for resale

I had to hold off on getting the business checks imprinted (and yes, I know, there aren't many things I'll be writing checks for) and business cards (I'm going to have some temporary ones printed up but am working with Cori on my formal cards) until I had a better feel for my location.  The business bankers at Wachovia/Wells Fargo are always so helpful in answering my questions and getting me on the right track.

As you can see, they don't just let you waltz in there and "start shopping"!  I've confirmed my meeting on the first day of market with TKE Sales, who rep two of the lines I plan to carry in the store.  I'm hoping to continue setting up meetings today.  You don't have to have an appointment to meet with the wholesalers but it does make the process more focused and efficient.

I faxed in approval of the tissue paper proof as well as my sticker order yesterday.  There was an interesting "encounter" with a woman at Staples who did not want to "share" the fax machine.  I'm starting to question my decision to save money by getting rid of my home long distance service!


  1. Susan this sounds so exciting!! I understand about the Fax machine. That is the primary reason we pay for a land-line at the house!! But if I add up the monthly fee (about $42) we're spending about $500/year to avoid having to drive to Office Depot or Staples about 3 or 4 times a year..... hmmmmmmmmm...... but then, again, I don't have "encounters" with anyone about using my own fax machine! ;-) Congrats on Zoe and all that you've done with her. And PTL your tests were clear!!!!

  2. Becky - the fax machine incident definitely caused me to call of my reserves of patience!!