Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Do You Do All Day?

Fortunately, Jim does not ask me this question!  But many people, as they inquire about my work on Zoe, ask me what is involved in my typical day.  Today is a good example to use to describe how quickly a day can go by!

At 8 this morning, I had a meeting with Potential Build Out Manager Scott.  We met at a place called Tastee Diner, which was the most perfect of greasy spoons.  I had sent him copies of the floor plan of my space, my Letter of Intent, and my Lease draft prior to our meeting.  We discussed the lease for a short amount of time, his qualifications, my vision for the buildout, what he can do for me vs. what I need, and next steps.  Our meeting went well and he is drawing up a Letter of Agreement for me to review and sign.

From there, I drove to Rockville to grab coffee with a friend.  We enjoyed bringing each other up to date on our jobs and on friends we have in common.  From Rockville, I headed back to Alexandria and stopped in Old Town to run a few non-Zoe errands prior to coming home.

After lunch, the proof for my tissue paper arrived via FedEx and I reviewed and signed off on it.  I completed my review of the lease, spoke to my attorney on the phone and sent it over to him for review and comment.  I continued my follow-up with my various wholesalers, starting to arrange meetings during the upcoming Atlanta Apparel Mart and reviewing their spring linesheets.  I also filled out the pre-registration for the Mart on-line.

Web Designer Mark had sent me some web sites (based on our earlier conversations) for review so that I can provide him with feedback on my likes and dislikes of each site.  This will help him to narrow down the presentation that most exhibits Zoe!  I did a top level review of each site with plans to go back through before the end of the week to summarize my thoughts.

Cori and I traded emails on a one color logo design to add to my boxes and paper bags and what she provided is gorgeous (of course).  I am also determining widths and colors of ribbons to order and had my handy tape measure out on the desk, trying to picture exactly the sizes I need!

The day passes quickly and, before I know it, Jim is calling me to tell me he is on the way home!

I want to close by thanking all of you who follow the blog and the many, many of you who share your thoughts with me in person, via email or via phone.  Each of you is an encouragement to me every day!


  1. You did all of that today? You are very productive.

  2. Thanks, Renee! Most days I feel like I should be doing MORE on the business and all of the home-related tasks!