Friday, September 24, 2010

A Trip Down 29

First, before I talk about my Charlottesville trip from yesterday, I wanted to provide a lease update.  I received an email from my broker yesterday, saying that the Landlord was performing their final review of the lease on Thursday and we should have it soon.  I was hoping that soon would be today (Friday) but nothing yet.  Hopefully Monday!

And, since I'm writing today's blog backwards, I also had my weekly phone conference with my web designer last night after I returned home.  We had a wonderful conversation where he asked additional questions about my wireframes and the vision for the online experience.  I have some follow up assignments for him and he will be sending me some sites to get my reactions before he starts on the mood boards.  He is an IDEO devotee, which helped me know he was the right fit for me!  Truthfully, we have clicked very well and, as I told Cori this evening, he "gets me" (which is a significant hurdle for anyone to overcome!)

Finally, the trip to Charlottesville.  I do not ever need a reason to go to one of my favorite places but had made an appointment with a baker for a cupcake tasting in preparation for my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary party.  My in-laws have graciously allowed me to plan the party and I have been having a wonderful time!  Since the tasting wasn't until 4 pm, I had some time to do other things.

I have a favorite sandwich shop on The Corner across from the University.  I've known the owner since 1992 (he moved to Charlottesville and began attending my church and I met him there) and I've been patronizing his sandwich shop since that time.  Creature of habit that I am, I've always ordered the same thing.  I don't get to visit very often anymore and hadn't seen him for several years.  When I walked in yesterday, he was behind the counter helping out with the lunch rush and immediately told the order taker what I'd be ordering!  He came out from behind the counter to visit with me and catch up.  Talk about making you feel special!  He was very excited to hear that I was starting my own business and we traded perspectives on the life of a small business owner.  I feel so fortunate to learn from the many people who have gone before me.  What a wonderful start to my visit!

After I finished my amazing sandwich, I visited my mentor Greer at Duo.  She was so happy to see me and catch up on my status with Zoe.  She felt I was doing very well and is excited to visit when I open!  In just the year and a half I've known her, I've loved seeing how her store has continued to grow and expand and find the perfect niche.

I did a little more strolling and visiting small businesses on the Corner before heading to meet the baker for the cupcake tasting (It is a rough life, I know.)  By the way, I took some home to Jim and he has pronounced them "the best cupcakes he has ever tasted".  Sadly, the baker does not have a storefront - she does cakes and cupcakes for special events as her second job.  (She is a medical biller to pay the bills).  Honestly, she is so talented, I think she could do this full time.


  1. It is so hard for me to wait for anything. Love reading the in's and out's of Zoe!

  2. Thanks Debbie! I'm so delighted you are following Zoe! I'm learning to be more patient by the day!