Friday, September 3, 2010

The Website and More

As a follow-up to my lunch meeting with Amy yesterday, she provided me with an excellent group of questionnaires that I should use in specifying what I need for Zoe's website design.  Right now, I'm working through answering The Client Survey, The Maintenance Survey, The Communications Brief Worksheet, and the Expanded Tech Check, found at this website.  She has also provided a recommendation for a designer and I've had the chance to review his portfolio on-line.  Just like Lisa the illustrator, he seems to be a perfect fit for what I am projecting with Zoe!

My mom and Jim both reviewed the Zoe Girl designs with me last night and I very much appreciated their thoughts and feedback.  I have selected my "finalist" and, based on email conversation with Cori today, we have a very slight change to her but are very close!  I am a bit biased but my "daughter" is beautiful!

I don't think I mentioned this earlier in the week but I had started looking at the website for Yelp!   Honestly, reading some of the reviews really stressed me out!  It made me really worry about making sure I hire the right people and treat everyone who walks through my door wtih the utmost in care and respect.  I'm trying to take what I learned from all of the negative reviews and, rather than letting it worry me, take it to heart as things I want to thoughtfully address as I hire for the store.

No additional news on the LOI status but I didn't really expect it with the holiday weekend.

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