Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Details are the Name of the Game

This week, it is all about the details.  Today, I met with the company that is going to do the build out of my cabinetry in my space (if that ever gets settled).  We had a great conversation, I reviewed their portfolio, and we discussed next steps.  I feel comfortable that I've found the right fit for Zoe's concept.

And, as silly as this may sound, I spoke with the company today that will be providing the water for my site.  I want to offer customers water but not bottled water.  And I don't want to have to deal with the mess of a water cooler with a 40 pound bottle on it!  And, I want it to be environmentally friendly.  We are meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss pricing and options.  I am also researching biodegradable cups for use with the water cooler as well.  Jim has taught me a lot in this area as they often deal with companies who make both plastic and the biodegradable cups.

I heard from my broker today.  We should have an answer on the LOI for the King Street space sometime tomorrow.  He has also put another space out for me to review (I am going to look at it early on Wednesday morning) and I've asked him about another space I saw on King.  We've decided to hold off on the West Street space.  The landlord wants to meet with me, which my broker says is a little odd.  The LL is probably annoyed with all of my questions...

And, I am going to venture into the frightening world of Costco tomorrow.  Check back to see if I survived!


  1. Did you survive Costco?I get lost in the samples and frozen food dept every time.Great blog! Can't wait for it to get up and running. If you want to sell homemade aprons, children's bibs or dresses, let me know. That's what I'm sewing these days.

  2. I did survive Costco! I think it was too early for them to have any samples so I didn't get to partake in that fun!

    Your sewing projects sound great! I would love to carry them when I eventually open my children's store!