Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!

Yesterday, neighbor Tina and I started our quest to complete the Old Town Alexandria Boutique District Scavenger Hunt!  Starting at around noon and tiring out at around 4, we managed to visit 15 of the 28 boutiques on the list as well as a few stores that were not on the hunt.  We will continue our quest this morning (before I need to come home to watch college football!)

The purpose of the Scavenger Hunt is to introduce shoppers to the many different boutiques in Old Town and encourage local shopping (I'll write more on this next week).  We had tremendous fun discovering new places (and I got lots of additional ideas - both positive and what not to do - for Zoe).  I was also able to show neighbor Tina Zoe's potential location!

At each boutique, we got our "card" stamped with that boutique's logo as well as received a small gift!  Gifts ranged from a coupon for a future purchase all the way to a chocolate/caramel covered pretzel stick from a candy store!  (This was given to Jim for dessert last night!  His comment "Dentists everywhere must love that store.")  Everyone we encountered was friendly and welcoming.  At one boutique jewelry store, the young man even cleaned our engagement rings for us while we looked at another store upstairs.

My main focus on Zoe yesterday was working on the wireframe diagram for web designer Mark.  It is really helping me to clarify my thinking as I sketch it all out on paper.  I have a secret "passion" for usability and want to make sure that the website is friendly, relevant, and easy to use.  I plan to have my first draft of the wireframe completed by Sunday evening to scan and send to Mark.

Off to continue the Scavenger Hunt!


  1. This sounds like fun! Is it yearly? Wonder if Zoe might be a stop on the Hunt next year... :)

  2. Hi Juice - it is yearly! This was the 3rd annual hunt! I definitely hope Zoe is a stop on the hunt next year! I've already started thinking of ideas! :)