Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From Inchworm to Cheetah

I was not about to let anything usurp the unveiling of Zoe Girl yesterday.  But the roller coaster kicked in yesterday and I went from inchworm to cheetah in about 2 seconds flat!

I love this picture!  

Anyway, this blog isn't about animals.  It is about Zoe.  As you know from yesterday's post, my day started with the receipt of Zoe Girl!  With her in hand plus the lovely logo, I printed off the order form for my shopping bags from RTR Bag (visited in New York in late July) and prepared my fax to place my order.  (Note - as a cost saving measure, I eliminated long distance service on our home phone so I can only fax locally!  So, I knew I would need to take my fax to the UPS Store or FedEx Office to send it off).  Technically, I could scan the order form and email it but since it contains my debit card information, I didn't want to send that via email.

I was preparing to leave for my meeting with Susan at IMC Water Coolers when I received an email from my broker.  He said that the landlord liked the Letter of Intent and would like to see my business plan and financials!  So, I reviewed my plan again and sent it to him!  He called late in the day to say that the business plan was in the hands of the landlord.  He had shared it with the Landlord's broker and he (the LL Broker) was impressed.  That made me feel good.  When I met the LL Broker on Friday during the tour, he impressed me as someone who really knew the commercial real estate business.  I researched him (of course) and found that he has been in the business for years and was responsible for basically starting the commercial side of the brokerage for his firm.  So, I'm hoping his feedback is as meaningful as I am taking it to be!  I am sure the Landlord (an association who owns the office space and Zoe's potential retail space) will have someone analyze my plan and come back with questions.  

After all that excitement, I dashed to Reston to meet with Susan.  We had a lovely late lunch at American Tap Room in Reston Town Center and she reviewed the offerings of her company and the mechanics/technology behind their water coolers.  I'll write a separate blog on the water but it is part of the environment/experience at Zoe.  What really touched me was that Susan brought a detailed list titled "Who can help you?" with all kinds of resources for a new business owner - people she had dealt with and felt comfortable recommending to me.  She also talked about networking and marketing ideas and was very candid about owning a small business.  She could not have been kinder or more gracious.  I look forward to receiving her proposal this afternoon.

I followed up with the supplier of one of my amenity gifts and she confirmed that the order was already in progress!  I love being able check things off my list.  (And yes, my IT friends, the lists still have the little square check boxes next to them.  I do index cards for short term lists and still do the long term lists in my journals.)

And, I have a call with Zoe's potential web designer this evening!  I'm excited to begin this process also!

Is there anything between an inchworm and a cheetah?  

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