Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bummer - Part II

OK, so the day started out pretty well!  Let's focus on that first!

I made an early morning trip (before 7 am) to Old Town Alexandria to look at another potential space at Prince and Union Streets.  It was so nice to be out at that time of morning before the traffic picked up and the day got warm.  The only people on the streets were joggers and people walking their dogs.  After looking at the space, I ducked into the Starbucks on Union for an Americano.  Bliss!  After I arrived home, I emailed the broker with more questions (surprise, surprise).

I also had an email this morning from Cori, outlining our plans for communication with Lisa, the Zoe Girl illustrator (of course, this is Lisa's claim to fame!  Just kidding)  and talking about our collateral planning.  I also had an email from Amy regarding the web design/development and provided her with feedback on my time.  After responding to both emails, I went to Costco to pick up some things for the store based on the list I created over the weekend.  I had a very successful shopping trip and was feeling pretty good about the day.

I had an afternoon medical appointment in Arlington and, when I exited that appointment, had an email from my broker saying that the landlord accepted another potential tenant's letter of intent.  When I asked him if we knew why they didn't accept ours (because I really want to learn how to position myself appropriately), he said they didn't give a reason but that several people had sent in LOI's the same time I did.  This is definitely a let down as I had grown excited about this space as had Jim.  I need to think and pray on it tonight to decide what to do next.  But I've learned one lesson - I always feel better in the morning and can see God's hand in the plan.

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