Monday, September 27, 2010

The Waiting Game

Sigh...No, I do not yet have a draft of the lease.  I thought that I would DEFINITELY have it today!  I am learning more patience than I ever thought possible!

But despite the lack of legal documentation, work on Zoe continues!  I've been thinking quite a bit about the decor for the store and looking for things that are the right fit.  Imagine my delight when I walked over to neighbor Tina's house on Saturday and found a perfect item on her garage sale table!  I wanted to buy it from her but she insisted on giving it to me for the store!  It will be perfect.

I've also looked in places like Goodwill and one antique shop, as well as newer places like Restoration Hardware.  One friend has offered to lend me two items that were left to her by her mother - they will be perfect in the store but I'll be so nervous having them on loan!  I had hoped to visit a great antique store just outside Culpeper, VA on my way back from Charlottesville last week but it had already closed for the day.  I suppose that means I need to take another trip that way!

This morning, I spoke to the gentleman that I am considering hiring to serve as my build out manager.  We are meeting for breakfast on Wednesday morning to discuss my requirements further.  In preparation for our meeting, I sent Build Out Manager Scott a scanned copy of the Letter of Intent as well as the floor plan of the space.

RTR sent an email this evening confirming that they have the proof of my tissue paper on the way for my sign off and also sent quotes for the other items I need for the cash wrap area of the store.

The fun continues!

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