Sunday, October 3, 2010


On Friday, I received the proposal from Build-Out Manager Scott, signed off on it, and sent it back.  He has lined up an architect who has done work in Old Town Alexandria previously as well as a General Contractor.  We hope to meet in the space on Wednesday or Friday of this upcoming week so that they can get started with their work.

I also spoke to my attorney and discussed his review of the lease.  There is one clause in the renewals section that he feels puts me at a disadvantage, especially if it were invoked during the original term of the lease.  I contacted my broker to see if we could remove that clause (it was not in the original Letter of Intent) and am waiting to hear from him.

I also confirmed the design for my stickers on Friday - Zoe Girl will be gracing the stickers with all of her gorgeousness!

On Saturday, I printed a small number of business cards at Staples (no crazy fax machine hogging lady in sight!) in preparation for market.  I also confirmed another appointment time with one of my potential suppliers/wholesalers!  So exciting!  And my family is very excited that I am coming, even though I will be busy in Atlanta for part of the time.  I'm going to stay a few extra days so I can spend some time with them.

I hope to finalize the lease this week and hold the meeting with the GC/Architect.  I am preparing to do my web design homework so that I can have answers ready when Web Designer Mark returns home.  Somehow, all this doesn't really feel like work!

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