Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off to Market

My first blog post from high above somewhere in the Southeastern United States!  I like the on-board Wifi!

I had meant to post last night but was so busy getting things ready at home and for my trip to Georgia today.  I went to bed early since the 3 am alarm came far too quickly!

I think I'm ready for Market today!  I have all of my appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow.  AmericasMart has a nice website feature for buyers that allows you to select your preferred vendors, save notes about those vendors (I typed in my appointment times and the person who I'll be meeting with) and print it out.  From that, you can also print out maps of each floor with your preferred vendors already highlighted!  All of my vendors with the exception of one are on the 9th floor of the Mart.

From a fashion standpoint, Jim pronounced me "very cute" this morning.  I went with my black geometric peep toe shoes, black skinny jeans, black/red/gray top, and black long cardigan sweater (at least on the plane, where I am always chilly).

On Wednesday morning, I had also received more design diagrams from Web Designer Mark.  I've reviewed those on the flight this morning and sent a response back to him.  I'm really pleased with his work.  I also received Zoe's stickers from RTR yesterday!

If I am not too exhausted when I reach my mom's house tonight, I'll update the blog with my experiences from today!  So excited and anxious!

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  1. Have a GREAT time. Can't wait to hear all about the market. :)