Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Lease

Not long after I had posted yesterday's blog entry, I received an email from my attorney with his redlines on Zoe's lease!  I quickly emailed him back to see if he would be available to meet with me today to review it and he confirmed that 2:30 would work with his schedule.

Even though I was tired, I perked up after receiving his comments (of course, I had to read them right away).  Like my comments, there really weren't a significant amount of changes and he had included an Exhibit A that address the conditions required for delivery of the space to me.  In our face to face meeting this afternoon, he felt that the lease as a whole was very fair to me and wanted to make sure we addressed those areas that needed some clarification or additional definition.  I felt that he had my best interests at heart in his review and I was very appreciative.  Many of the people that I've worked with in planning and designing all aspects of Zoe have impressed me in that way and it really encourages me.

We have a couple of items related to the delivery of the space that I will review with the architect and general contractor tomorrow morning.  Once I've gotten those answers, he will finish updating the document and send it to me to forward back to the landlord.

As I was preparing to leave his office, he asked me if I had ever worked in Alexandria.  I told him I think I had worked everywhere in the DC area BUT Alexandria!  He stated that he felt that I would really enjoy it and I shared that I was already beginning to identify a "small town" feel even though we were in the midst of a large metropolitan area.  That's a nice feeling and harkens back to one of the things I hope to create with Zoe.

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