Monday, October 4, 2010

I Know It When I See It

Former US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart uttered one of my favorite lines (in reference to a case about something that I don't want to mention on my blog lest it attract the wrong kind of followers!)
"I know it when I see it"
That describes me well.  I can have a mental picture of something that I'm looking for and, when I see it, everything crystalizes and it all becomes concrete.  That's how I felt today in two different situations.

Last night and today, I completed the homework that Web Designer Mark had given to me - review the seven websites that he thought were similar in nature to what I might be looking for (based on our conversations) and share my likes and dislikes.  Of the seven, I had two that I did not like at all (both popular sites), two that were "fine" but left me somewhat indifferent, and three that were excellent and most fit the kind of web presence I want Zoe to have.  Of the three excellent ones, all were for smaller organizations that were very design focused.  It was really fun to consider the overall design and functionality of the site, rather than racing through, ordering something or looking for information (although those were definitely things I considered as I looked at each site - the ease of doing so).

And, in between rain showers, I made a grocery shopping trip and did a side trip to Treasure Trove, which is a consignment/donation store benefiting Inova Hospitals here in Northern Virginia.  As I had noted in my Charlottesville report a couple of weeks ago, I've been looking for items to use in decorating the store and have certain things in mind.  When I walked into Treasure Trove today, there was one of the items sitting right in front of me!  I was so thrilled to find exactly what I was looking for!

More very positive news on the space front - I'm set with a meeting with Build Out Manager Scott, the General Contractor and the Architect for Wednesday morning in Zoe's (hopefully soon) space.  I'm still waiting for the final comments back from the attorney on the lease but REALLY hope to have them tomorrow.  (No one wants to see me get impatient!)

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