Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Label Maker

With all of the new paperwork coming into the house with deliveries, lease documents, and the orders from Market last week, I HAD to get organized today or lose my mind!

First trip was to Staples to get hanging file folders and a plastic file box (plus send a fax to sign off on Zoe's bag proofs).  Then, to Walmart to buy an inexpensive label maker (which I already love).  I took all of my paperwork and sorted it into individual piles on the floor (sound familiar, COPT friends?)  I listed all of the labels I would need, printed them, and now I have a very organized file box full of files.  Jim is going to be so happy when he returns from KY tomorrow night to see that the dining room table can be used for dining again!

You won't believe this, but I already have enough vendors and categories to use up the 25 folders I bought today.  I think another folder buy will be in order soon.  As time passes, I'll decide what to leave in folders and what to put in three ring binders.  I feel much calmer now that things are better organized.

No new news on the lease.  I summarized the results of yesterday's meeting for my buildout manager, architect, and general contractor and sent them copies of the communication from the landlord.  I'm hoping to get things moving again on Friday.

Next up - working on content for the website!


  1. I have a picture in my head of you typing on the lable maker! Glad that things are organized and you can eat like civilized people again. ;)

  2. Lists and being organized always has a very calming effect on me! I love those label makers!

  3. Juice and Debbie - yes, I am having so much fun with the label maker! I fear everything in the house will soon have a label!