Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't Be "That Girl"

At my last company, we had a running joke in my department whenever there was a company-wide process or initiative that required a response by a deadline.  We would always say to each other "Don't be that guy...who has not gotten the information in by the deadline."  As I am working on content for Zoe's website, I find myself saying "Don't be that girl...who has a horrendous, out of date website."  There are some REALLY bad ones out there.

Personal pet peeve, but something that makes a terrible impression on me is when I visit a website and see events or news or blog postings so completely old and out of date.  I wonder how much they are paying attention to the rest of the details of their business if they allow their public face to the world to look that way!  OK, off the soapbox now.

One of the content items I was working on this afternoon was related to all of the different transportation methods that people can use to get to Zoe!  I'll be listing Metro information, Parking information, Water Taxi (from National Harbor/Gaylord), and the Old Town King Street Trolley.  All this in addition to a map that, when clicked, can allow you to get directions from anywhere.  Of course, with any content, I'll need to keep it updated appropriately so I am not "that girl".

We are still working through the open items on the lease.  My architect and contractor and providing me with numbers for us to do the vanilla shell work ourselves, with the landlord giving us an allowance for this work or a rent abatement to cover the cost.  We are hoping this might help move the process along and allow the Landlord to focus on their own buildout and not worry about getting mine done also.

I had lunch with members of my Columbia Zoe Council today and got to show them the proof of Zoe's shopping bag!  So much fun!  And they are working on helping me come up with a title for Zoe's column on the website.  They are such wonderful creative inspiration!

On the finance side of things, I faxed (toll free number so no waiting at Staples) documentation to Wells Fargo Financial to confirm my credit worthiness for one of my designers.  I had spoken to the banker yesterday to confirm the information I needed to send so it was fairly easy to put it all together.  All I can say is thank goodness for the financials in my business plan.  I look at them just about every day!  Sometimes when I get a request like this, I panic for a moment and then I remember "Nope, you've got it...you know how to do this."  It's all so new!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with my Point of Sale software vendor to look at the new release of the software.  He tells me that the price has gone down.  I'm hoping it really has and that it is not like the airlines, who charge a la carte for everything!  Oh, you wanted the software to run after you loaded it on the server?  That will be another $295...

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