Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Beat Goes On

Back to the real world today (albeit a little slowly, since I was still very tired from my travels)!

While I was away, the proof for my bags for Zoe had arrived!  RTR is wonderful about notifying me about shipments so I always know when something is on the way and when it should arrive.  I had told Jim that I was expecting the proof on Friday, so he opened it in my absence.  I love it!  On one side, we have the Zoe logo and on the other we have Zoe Girl.  On the ends and inside the fold of the bag, we have the web address.  This first set of bags are going to be reusable, so they can be taken to the grocery store, Target, Walmart, etc.  Additional advertising for Zoe!

Two large flats of my tissue paper had also arrived in my absence and have currently taken up residence in our kitchen.  Nola (one of our cats) is enjoying rolling around on the boxes.

I heard from two of my wholesalers today, confirming my new customer information so they could set me up in their systems and enter my orders (perhaps there is technological hope!)  And, I had a meeting with my attorney, my broker, and the landlord's broker this evening to review remaining open items on the lease.  We are still working through some of the definitions of the buildout and delivery of space to me but nothing that is insurmountable.  The landlord's broker is very encouraging and said they are happy with me and are excited to have me as a tenant.  The landlord representatives (a CEO and CFO) are away at a board meeting but we hope to pick this back up when they return later in the week.  I am eager to finalize this key piece and move forward!

Oh, and the immediates (scarves and bracelets) I ordered two weeks ago arrived today!  So exciting!

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