Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Debit Credit and Thai Food

I had to throw the Thai food in the Title to keep the non-accountants reading today's blog posting!  In all fairness, I'll talk about it first so those who find the financials snoozy can stop when they are done with the first section.

At lunchtime today, I met my friend Janice at Mai Thai in Old Town Alexandria for delicious Thai food.  She is a dedicated Zoe blog reader (Hi Janice!) and we spent lots of time catching up and talking about many different topics, including my experiences thus far with Zoe.  It is so thrilling to me when people are excited about the adventure!  After lunch, I got to show her what will hopefully be Zoe's home in a few months - she was very excited and liked the space very much.  She has been very kind to offer to help me in any way she can!  I have no doubt I'll be calling on her in the upcoming months.

On my way home from our lunch, I got an email from the last wholesaler on my list regarding an appointment for Market later this week!  We'll be meeting on Friday afternoon.  I'm so excited as this wholesaler represents two brands that I love and VERY much want to have in the store.

My major Zoe task for the day was to update my financials to confirm that I am on track with the estimates that I created in the business plan for start-up.  I'm also preparing to officially set up my accounting system with my accountant so I wanted to have everything in a more detailed structure than I've been tracking it in the past.  I'm very happy and satisfied with the results and feel that I can follow the merchandise purchasing plan that I had created for Market.

Tomorrow:  What do I wear to Market?

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