Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Point of Sale Software Version - Evo

This morning, I met the Point of Sale software salesman at the Apple Store to get a demo on the new version of the POS*IM software that I selected in July.  Pat had prearranged with the Apple Store to provide us with access to a show floor iMac and he quickly installed the demo software.  The name of the new release is Evo (I supposed for Evolution of the software).

I was exceptionally pleased with the latest release.  The usability of the software has improved over the previous version as well as the graphic presentation and configuration options.  And, as I continue to become more knowledgable about the retail industry, I'm able to understand all of the possibilities for using the software to run this key part of my business.

As part of our demo, I had taken one of the orders that I had written at Market a few weeks ago to review the software capabilities in handling the set up of this purchase, the categories that I would want to track, and how the order would be received and placed into inventory.  We also talked about how the software would allow me to track special promotions and interface the customer information with my Constant Contact email marketing account.  I currently plan to purchase the iMac and Point of Sale software in early December so that I can begin setting up my inventory as I receive it in January.  It was time very well spent.

Tomorrow - the intricacies of credit/debit card processing!

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  1. December will be here before you know it! In no time Zoe will be going strong!