Saturday, October 9, 2010

Putting It All Together

All of the different tracks of Zoe continue to head in the same direction at the same speed!

As I noted in yesterday's entry, I had received the redline changes to the lease from my attorney on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning, I reviewed them and was very satisfied with the updates.  I forwarded the document back to my broker with the note that he propose that the landlord give us an allowance to do their work rather than they having to do all of it.  I'm very curious to see their response.  We did not substantially change anything in the document but simply clarified several areas in more detail.

I also received the MEP drawings from my broker and passed those on to Architect Michael.  We have two other sets of drawings outstanding that I hope to receive this upcoming week.

Work continued on planning my time at Market next week and I've scheduled more appointments for Zoe! One of the things that mentor Greer had told me last year when I met with her is that designers will not sell to you if someone else in your immediate area is already carrying their line.  That makes sense, as they do not want to cannibalize their sales.  So far, I have not had that as an issue although many of them have asked me my location so they can make sure this will not be a problem.

The AmericasMart website has a special login for buyers (I feel special!) that allows us to map out our market plan and see detailed schematics of the floor layouts and vendor locations.  It is really going to be an interesting experience.  They do not allow photographs inside the building so I won't have any fun pictures to share on the blog.  I can understand this - they don't want views of their lines coming out except those they control.

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