Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Mentions

It is so flattering to have Zoe mentioned in other blogs!  It has happened twice this week and I just had to share!

My friend Renee visited Zoe on Saturday with one of her sons (Josiah) and her daughter (Lydia).  I honestly thought that I was going to need to hire Lydia as my PR person because she gushed enthusiastically about the store for everyone to hear!  Renee had fun shopping for herself as well as her mother and mother-in-law.  She summarized her shopping experience at Zoe in her most recent blog entry.

In yesterday's blog entry, I mentioned that I was adding a new handbag line for Fall called Alexandra Satine.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Alexandra on Monday in NY.  We had been corresponding via email and Facebook for a few months as I reviewed her line and she got to know more about my store.  Last night, she sent me an email to tell me she had been featured in a fashion blog called Sugar Rock Catwalk.  As part of the blog entry, the writers note that her bags can be found at Zoe!

I'm still figuring my way around the publicity thing.  Last week, an "Advotorial" appeared in the Alexandria Times.  The title of the article/ad is "Shop Around the Corner".  Since it is actually an advertisement, I wrote it.  It isn't too hard to do as long as I'm writing about Zoe and not myself!  And the Alexandria Gazette Packet included a write-up on Zoe as part of their Talk of the Town feature.

Wait until I tell you what I did today!!

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