Tuesday, May 24, 2011


You knew it had been too long since I wrote about one of my vendors.  Most days, things go pretty smoothly.  Other days, it is as if no one can do anything correctly the first time.

Back in March when I got my big truckload shipment of fixtures at the store, I received 5 mannequins.  One of them did not work properly with the other pieces of the system so the Display company had to order a new one.  They said that they would arrange to have the "bad" mannequin picked up and shipped back to me.

Time passed and I had lots of other things on my mind.  A couple weeks ago, I got a call from the display company, saying that the new mannequin was shipping that day.  I asked when they were going to pick up the old one and they said "Oh, we did."  I said "Oh, no, you didn't!"  When they started researching it, they found that FedEx claimed they picked it up but then didn't know how to get it back to them.  Thus the saga began.

You may remember that FedEx has continued to deliver my packages to 130 North Union Street, which is a residence.  I have complained about this to no avail.  So, that week that they told me my mannequin had shipped, I took a stroll down to 130 North Union.  And there was my mannequin.  I was beyond perturbed.  All sorts of grumpy thoughts were going through my head as I hauled the mannequin back to Zoe.

When I called the Display company, they said they would get it straightened out.  Well, we know I'm not particularly a patient person, especially when gross incompetence is involved.  So, I called them every few days to complain.  Lo and behold, the FedEx Ground guy shows up and introduces himself today with the comment "Oh, I finally found you."  Shockingly, I managed to hold my tongue!  I asked him if he had a call tag for the mannequin and he said "No.".  As soon as he left, I called the Display company to tell them to get that call tag submitted since FedEx finally knows where I am.  They assured me they would.  Stay tuned...

By the way, I love my UPS deliveryman.  He has never had a problem finding me from Day One.

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