Monday, May 23, 2011

A Continued Week of Firsts

Jim is my blogging "conscience".  He is always asking me if I updated the blog and, if I answer that I haven't, he tells me that I need to!

Zoe will continue to have many "firsts" as the year progresses.  On Friday, I had my first return (oh dear!)  As you know, Zoe's bags are pretty distinct.  I saw a woman walking down Union Street with one and I thought "Hmmm - she is either coming to get something else (I encourage people to bring their bags back for a discount) or she is returning something."  Indeed, she was returning something.  I had contacted my point of sale software help desk not long after I had opened to make sure I knew how to process a return.  It took me a little while to run through it because I wanted to make sure I did it right and didn't create a credit card issue for either of us.  Fortunately, it went smoothly.

On a lighter note, I had the first couple kiss in my store over the weekend!  A sweet smooch!

And, I'm getting ready to start my first annual spring sale on Tuesday!  I had gone through and noted all of my upcoming shipments (through November, believe it or not) and know I'm going to have more coming in early to mid-June.  I need to start moving some of the remaining Spring items to make room for the new items.  I have sold out of several things.  I can tell you that my customers love things in all shades of blue - those have definitely been my best sellers!

I had visits from friends Martha and Alex D. over the weekend and Janice came to help me on Sunday afternoon.  I love seeing familiar faces in the shop!

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