Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day In The Life....

As I've said before, there are always new and interesting things that happen to me every day as a boutique owner.  A few over the past week....

  1. A small bird came hopping into my store.  I chased it out.  I knew that it was not a good idea for either of us if it took up residence here.  One day, a squirrel almost ran into the store.  We had quite a little standoff in the doorway.
  2. Today I am getting the windows cleaned at the store (inside and out).  It is a fairly involved process since there are so many individual panes.  I could ignore it when the weather was cloudy but it REALLY looked bad when the sun shines in!  I'll have this done at least once a month going forward!
  3. Some of the floorboards toward the back of the store had started lifting (probably due to the high humidity over the past few days).  I notified the construction company and they sent someone out right away.  Kind of the anti-FedEx.  (they are my new Verizon/Comcast).
  4. I always appreciate how my friends look out for me.  Friend Jamie reads the blog on Zoe's webpage using Google Feed Reader.  She noticed that the first picture that I put in the blog never shows up when she reads it that way (I use a function called Featured Image with that first picture).  She let me know so that I can work with my web developer to see if there is a fix (or a workaround) for this.  It is a known issue (per my web searching) but I'm hoping he can give me some guidance on how to fix it.
  5. Yesterday I got to help a customer pick out birthday gifts for her sister and niece!  Those visits are always a lot of fun.  The customer was a similar size to her sister so she got to try on lots of pieces to find just the right one!
  6. I knew it was a matter of time until I witnessed a fender bender at the intersection of Prince & Union.  Sure enough, a large tractor trailer could not swing the corner and managed to scrape (and then back into) a mini-van.  Right at lunchtime too!  The intersection (which is always busy) was blocked for a little while.
  7. For the past two days, we had the Tall Ship Gloria docked just down the street from Zoe.  Yesterday morning, I saw all of the sailors walking down Union in their dress uniforms.  They looked so crisp, clean and nice.  A lot of people came down to tour the ship.  It was a lot of fun to look out Zoe's door and see the tall masts.
  8. I've had all kinds of great visits this week!  Friends and UVA classmates Akram and Ken stopped in (within 20 minutes of each other) as well as other UVA alums (and Denmark classmates) Stacey and Dave.  And friends Renee and Michelle stopped in after taking their children to visit the Gloria!  I have not lacked for company!
  9. Zoe's Spring Sale has started out well - people seem to be enjoying the opportunity to get some great spring pieces at sale prices!

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