Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staying On Top Of Things

One of the things that I try to do every day is keep track of anything and everything that my designers are doing on their websites or in terms of public relations.  I will admit that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are very helpful in this regard as they push the information to me rather than me always having to look for it.

I have to assume that my customer is a savvy consumer.  She is tuned in to fashion, trends, and prices.  When I received notification on Sunday evening (via a Facebook posting from one of my designers) that she was putting certain spring items on sale, I immediately went to her web page to see if any of the items I had in store fell into that category.  Sure enough, three pieces that I have in store were part of her online sale.  I immediately made plans to put the items on the same level of sale shown on the designer's website when I opened the store on Tuesday.  And, because a blogger was preparing to publish a piece on the store (and one of those items is included!) I contacted her quickly so that she could update her story before it appears later this week.

I love it when my designers receive recognition in one of the fashion magazines.  If people like what they see in the magazine, they often come looking for that particular style in store.  Just this month, one of my designers has received press in Women's Wear Daily and InStyle.

As a side note, did you know that this week is National Small Business Week?  I encourage you to support your local small businesses, whether they be restaurants, boutiques, spas/salons, coffee shops, or service providers.  All of the small business owners I have met thus far are truly invested in making their communities better.  Show them some love!!

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