Thursday, May 12, 2011

Charitable Giving

Philanthropy has always been important to me.  And it is a tradition that I hope to continue through Zoe.

In February, my friend Renee told me that the school her son attends (Immanuel Lutheran School in Alexandria) would be holding a Silent Auction in May.  The school was looking for local businesses and individuals to donate to the auction.  I thought it was a great chance to get Zoe more involved in the community, get to know more people, and support a great cause!

For the auction, I decided to donate one of Zoe's lovely Graham & Spencer leather bags along with a Gift Card for the store.  I packaged everything in one of the reusable Zoe bags and included one of the Zoe soaps that we give to all new customers.  Here is a picture of the bag:

Of course, you can imagine I was DYING to know who had won the Zoe donation!  I didn't have to wait long!  The winner came shopping on Wednesday!  It turned out that her husband had kept up the bidding for the Zoe donation and won it for her!  She had a great time trying on clothing in the store and got to use her gift card for her purchase.  What a great thing all the way around.

So many of the businesses in Alexandria are charitably minded.  The members of the Old Town Boutique District are sponsoring a Charity Day on Saturday, May 14th.  Each of the members of the district have selected a charity that will receive a certain percentage of their sales that day.  Some are also taking donations for their charities as well.  What a fantastic idea!  Shopping for a cause!

As friends and fans of Zoe, do you have any causes that are important to you that you would like to see us support?  We are trying to find a way to do something at least once a month in support of great organizations!

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