Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging, Newspapers, and Fun Visitors

Last Friday, I had a visit from Old Town Alexandria Patch blogger Tara and her daughter Sophie.  Tara had called me to ask if she could come by to write a story on items that Zoe carries that might be appealing to Alexandria Moms.  I started walking the store, thinking about what would be comfortable, fashionable, and affordable for all the Moms that I know.  I had a lot of fun making the list but even more fun working with Tara and Sophie!  Tara's blog appeared on the Patch yesterday and I loved her article!  She writes a very fun blog for all you Moms who enjoy another Mom's perspective.  I'm not a Mom and I'm hooked!

Zoe also had an article appear in the Alexandria Gazette Packet yesterday.  I am delighted to receive the press but must admit I'm a little embarrassed regarding the part about me.  I honestly don't ever think of myself as lucky - fortunate or blessed perhaps but never lucky.  And I am not sure about the quick rise part - I had always felt I had worked very hard to reach the levels I did reach in my technology career.  But of course I like the parts about Zoe!

I had several enjoyable visitors yesterday - the founder/buyer of the Shoe Hive (and Founder of the Old Town Boutique District) stopped in the store yesterday as well as the manager of the Shoe Hive.  It is so nice to meet experienced Alexandria merchants.

In the afternoon, my point of sale consultant, Pat, stopped by the store.  We had always done all the work on the system in my home so he had never seen the store.  He was very complimentary, which means a lot because he sees LOTS of stores in his line of work.   He was also happy to hear that the software, support, and integrated programs were working well.

And later in the day, Kelly, a merchant coming to Old Town stopped in my store to ask about my experience with the point of sale system.  It was fun talking to her about her business and my experiences in starting Zoe.

Each day is a wonderful surprise!


  1. S. Congtats on your store... You seem to be doing very well.

    We had spoken about a leather line called cydwoq. Not sure if you are interested but when I saw their merchandise in Caryetown I was very impressed with the craftsmanship.


  2. Thanks for the link, Nan! I love their bags! I'll definitely be in touch with them - I am always evaluating new lines for the store!