Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NY Market - May Visit

Since Mondays are my day off at Zoe, that was absolutely the best day to take the train to NYC for the Late Fall/Winter/Holiday market.  (Yes, I know - it is hard for me to think about too!)

I try to get to NY by 8:45 (the market opens at 9) so I was on the 5:30 am Northeast Regional from Union Station.  We were a little delayed just after Philadelphia so we didn't arrive at Penn Station until around 9 am.  There was a significant police presence at Penn Station, most likely due to the death of Osama bin Laden the previous night.

This time I needed to take a taxi to market since it was held at Piers 92 and 94 (too far to walk).  Where were all the cabs on Monday morning?  Not at Penn Station, I can tell you that!  After queueing up in a very long line and shuffling forward a few steps every few minutes I finally got a cab.  No issues at all - the cab drivers continue to impress on my trips to the city.

The show organizer had already sent me a badge so my registration process was quick and painless.  I went to Pier 94 first (where they had mostly accessories and denim), then to Pier 92 for apparel and back to Pier 94 for one last accessory review.  I wrote orders with brands that I already carry in store (Chan Luu, Rebecca Taylor, Velvet, Alice and Trixie) and added two new lines (Waverley Grey and Beth Bowley) as well as a new handbag line (Alexandra Satine).  I was very pleased with the day and very excited about the new items on the way later this year!

This market was not quite as big as the Fall market that I attended in February - the big markets are the Spring and Fall events.  But still, so many different vendors and VERY crowded.  On the way up, I reviewed my monthly reports for Zoe for April and made notes of things I wanted to discuss with the account representatives.  Although I have a "mental total" of what is selling and the margins, it is very helpful to see it on paper so that I can analyze it more thoroughly.

As far as fashion goes, I did go a bit more "New York" this time while still preserving comfort!  The black Dr. Scholl's made the trip as did my Red Engine Black Skinny jeans, a sleeveless black sweater and my Frost Gray Chan Luu Lace Jacket.  Several of my fellow retailers recognized the Chan Luu jacket!

I was fortunate to get on an earlier train and was physically home by 7:15!  An excellent day all around.  Now, where am I going to find that day off this week? :)


  1. Even when it's bad (delayed train, cab wait), New York is good! Love keeping up with you!

  2. Wow! You crammed a lot in the day. Next time you need to post a photo of you and your outfit!

  3. Cary, you are so right - it is always a good day when you are in NY. If only I can take time one of these days to REALLY enjoy the city! So glad you are keeping tabs on me!

    Renee, I will definitely share future outfits!