Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grand Opening

Sorry for the delay on updating the blog - it has been such a busy few days!

Zoe's Grand Opening took place beginning Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1.  We could not have been blessed with better weather on Friday and Saturday.  Definitely the best Saturday weather that we've had since Zoe opened!

I was very delighted with the results of the Grand Opening.   A significant number of people visited the store and signed up for the mailing list.  We had record sales on Saturday and Sunday.  We had started the initial advertising for the store on Thursday in the Alexandria Times and followed up with ads in the Alexandria Gazette Packet and the Mt. Vernon Gazette.  A number of people mentioned reading the articles and seeing the advertisements!  Print newspapers are not dead!

As part of the Grand Opening Promotion, patrons had the opportunity to draw at the time of checkout to see what level of discount they would receive on their purchase.  Everyone was guaranteed a minimum of 10% with the possibility of drawing 20% or 30%!  The people who drew the 20s and 30s were thrilled!  It was fun to give people the opportunity to do that!

As with the other days, I love all of the people that I get to meet in the course of business.  Mothers and daughters shopping together, friends shopping together, ladies treating themselves to new spring/summer clothing and jewelry, people shopping for gifts, husbands and wives looking for a special item.  Each person had a specific reason for walking into the store whether they purchased something or not.

I was visited by a number of friends over the weekend, including Jamie, Sally, Tina, Jessica, Carly, Amy, Renee, Kathryn and Brian.  It is always such a delight for me to see a familiar face.  And Karen and Janice stopped by to bring the completed curtain (for the wheelchair lift) - now just waiting for Jim to put up the curtain rod!  And Janice was a huge help to me on Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  I love having her visit/help me!

Tomorrow - Monday's trip to the NY Apparel Market!

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