Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bags, Boxes, Telco, Software, and Space

Fascinating how all of the things in the subject line can be part of one day in the life of Zoe!

I started out the morning on a renewed quest for telecommunications pricing. Much to my shock, Comcast/Xfinity was actually helpful (Take that, Verizon!). I do have some budgetary start up and on-going cost pricing now to include in my business case.

The POS software research continued yesterday as I prepare my list of questions for both vendors. It is important that the software make the payment/inventory/end of day process easier, not harder!

Then I went for my meeting with the realtor/broker. We had a great meeting on the outside patio of St. Elmo's Coffee Pub . We talked at length about my business thoughts, what I was looking for as far as community and space, and what makes Del Ray unique. After our conversation, she said something very encouraging - she said that my enthusiasm and focus really showed and that she had seen those traits as great indicators of success for first time business owners. That made me feel good! We are going to reconnect early next week to start looking at space.

When I arrived home, a box had arrived from RTR Packaging with all of my box/bag/garment bag samples! What fun to look through all of the samples and picture Zoe's logo on them! Even Jim thought that the samples were very interesting!


  1. When do we get a peek at the logo?

  2. I am getting close - I've narrowed it down to two "families" of design. And I'm leaning very strongly one way. My graphic designer is on vacation but when she returns, I need to talk to her to get a small tweak to one of the designs. Then I think I'll be ready for the unveiling!!