Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pinching myself

Yes, some days I honestly pinch myself because I can't believe that I get to focus on things like fashionable illustrations, window displays, and fall trends.  Although I am ashamed to say that I fought God's urging for a long time, I'm so glad He put this dream in my heart and kept nurturing it, despite my stubbornness.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would have more information on Zoe Girl.  Cori got in touch with Lisa (the illustrator who I mentioned in Tuesday's post) and Lisa is delighted to work with us.  We have several options to choose from, all of which I've been mulling since reading Cori's summary of their conversation.

A) We could buy the rights to the illustration we are calling "Zoe Girl" and perhaps have some slight changes made to her.  This would mean that I could use her in an unlimited fashion and she could not be used anywhere else (she has been used twice before on one time deals in publications).

B) We could have Lisa design a new Zoe Girl!  And buy the unlimited rights to her.

C) We could have what Cori calls the Paper Doll option (I love it!) on an ongoing basis - having the illustrator make changes to the existing artwork (clothes, bag)

D) Have new illustrations done for particular seasons (taking our Zoe Girl and putting her into different scenes).

Now I need to decide what to do!  Or in what stages I'd like to do things!  Zoe Girl (and all of Lisa's illustrations - her corporate and journalistic clients are all household names) is so dynamic and fun!  Zoe Girl is truly iconic!  (I think my maternal pride is showing)

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