Thursday, July 15, 2010

Logo and Fruit

Today, Cori and I met at Buzz in Alexandria to talk about next steps with Zoe's logo!  We had a delightful meeting and came away having confirmed the Logo Design Family and some tweaks to the design to provide a stacked and a horizontal view of the logo.  We also talked about one of the illustrations that she had used in showing me sample collateral - we have dubbed this particular illustration "Zoe Girl".  I want to use Zoe Girl (or variations of her) in my media and collateral.  Cori will follow up with the illustrator to see how we might be able to accomplish that!  There are two different levels of pricing to use illustrations! (I'm learning so much!)  Anyway, Zoe Girl is the ultimate Super Chick!

Knowing my love of fonts and history, Cori had researched the font that I was most enamoured with - it is called Kabel.   It was designed in honor of the laying of the first transatlantic cable in 1927.  Kind of a neat tie in since I used to work for a wire and cable company that made cable for those same purposes. 

Cori also gave me good advice on the types of things to confirm with RTR when I meet with them next week in NY regarding my bags, boxes, tissue paper, etc.  I will be able to sound like I know what I'm talking about! (and then call and get her to explain it to me!)

And then there is the fruit.  The fruit being my first computer purchase for the business - an Apple MacBook Pro with Office for Mac.  I am charging the battery as I type.  I am so excited to have made the decision to go with Apple.  I'll also be purchasing an iMac closer to time for the store to open to serve as the Point of Sale computer.  I am planning to use Quickbooks for Mac for my accounting system and POS*IM for my Point of Sale solution.  And yes, POS*IM is pronounced "Possum".  Those of you who know I'm from WV are having a good laugh, I am sure.


  1. Oh I like Kabel. Very fun!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like it! Cori is using a version that was updated in the 60s by Madison Avenue Advertising agencies.