Friday, July 16, 2010

Space (Not The Final Frontier)

Trekkies may not appreciate the title of today's blog post...

One of the first questions that people ask me when they hear I am planning to open a boutique is "Where is it going to be?"  I can't wait until I have the answer to that question!   The truth is, that while I have desired locations, desired base rent and square footage amounts, it all has to come together "just right" before I can feel comfortable signing on the dotted line.

Today, my primary broker sent over 13 specifications on different spaces in the Del Ray, Old Town Alexandria and Arlington (Ballston to Rosslyn corridor) area.  Jim and I are planning to drive them this weekend so I can determine which ones I'd like to tour.  It is really exciting to have all of these potential choices!

I'm also typing today's blog on my new Apple laptop.  It was a breeze to set up and I'm enjoying learning all about it.  I feel good so far that I made the right choice.  I also am doing a 60 day trial of Apple's MobileMe service, which will allow me, among other things, space for back-ups online.  I've also set it up so that my iPhone and MacBook have synched calendars, contacts and web bookmarks.  It also allows you to find you iPhone if you misplace it.

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