Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vendor C

I am a very happy Zoe's Mom - the demo with Vendor C was a smash success! He had answers (not always a yes, but that's ok - I'd be worried if everything was a yes) for every question I threw at him and was able to tell me about the product roadmap (they have a new version coming out this summer). He came prepared with a quotation for me and will be sending me a list of references to call this evening.

I was totally in Business Susan (as opposed to Social Susan) mode. Those who know the difference will be pleased to know that I already got him to throw in something for free! I'm going to do my due diligence as far as reference checking and need time to review the terms and conditions but I am feeling good about this one!

Cori (the super-talented graphic designer) is back from vacation and we hope to meet this week to work on the logo! I think I have decided which "logo family" that I'm going to go with and just have some questions for her about possibilities.

I'm so excited for my trip to NY next week. With all of these things coming together, it is starting to feel more and more real!

I'll close with a quote that I love (from a recent NAWBO newsletter):

Fear paralyzes; curiosity empowers. Be more interested than afraid."
--Patricia Alexander,American educational psychologist

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