Thursday, July 1, 2010


I could probably just let the title of the post stand on it's own and not say anything else!

Today, I contacted Verizon Small Business to discuss the best solution for Zoe. I need phone/fax lines and high speed internet. I told them upfront that I was planning a new business and needed the information for budgetary purposes. However, the representative said that unless I had an address for the business already, they couldn't provide me with any pricing information. I asked if I could give them the zip code where I hoped to locate or even a representative address. No dice. No business address, no quote.

The representative suggested that I fill out the Solution Recommender online to get the budgetary quote. I went through, checking the boxes and they presented me with my customized solution (still no prices - hmmmm). I was then able to remove things I didn't need and then click a button for pricing....which took me to a screen to fill out to have them contact me in 2 - 3 business days. I am perplexed (sarcasm intended) as to how this conversation is going to go any differently from the one I just had AND whether or not someone will actually call me. I may wait until after the holiday and try my luck again.

You've got to love them!


  1. Ah Verizon. Isn't it fun to deal with big companies? Comcast is just as bad if not worse! :( I hope you can get some solid data for your plan.

  2. So funny that you mention Comcast...I did end up contacting them on Friday. Frighteningly, they were far more helpful than Verizon so I now at least have representative pricing for set up and on-going costs. But I don't necessarily have a good feeling about going with them either.