Monday, July 26, 2010


One of the questions that is frequently asked of me as I apply to purchase at wholesale with the different designers is "What sizes do you plan to carry?"

What an interesting question...and one that is fraught with debate.  Many of the complaints that I hear about boutiques here in the DC area is that they do not carry anything above a size 8.  Now, if you have this conversation with my mom, who is approximately 5' 2" and slightly less than 100 pounds and who was a "perfect 8" (her words) back in the day, it makes you wonder what has happened to sizing over the years.  She now claims that "nothing fits her" and that "things are too big".  Yet, studies show that the average American woman is a size 14.  And plus size models are considered anything above the normal sample size of 2 in the fashion industry.

Recently, a plus size model, Crystal Renn, was criticized by other plus size models and fans for dropping 15 lbs from her 5' 9" frame (she now weighs 150 lbs).  But shouldn't we all strive for healthy (mind, body, and soul) rather than a predetermined number?  I know healthy (and unhealthy) women of all shapes and sizes.  We shouldn't be defined by a clothing size.

Back to the original question - I plan to carry sizes from 0 - 16 and look forward to adding to the wardrobes of many beautiful, healthy women!

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