Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Draft

No, not a sports league draft!  Instead, I got the draft of the Letter of Intent for my the potential space for Zoe on Friday! When I saw the title of the email, I prayed, took a deep breath and then opened it.  As you would expect, I had several questions, comments, additions, and changes.  I made those to the document and sent it back to the broker at around noon.  No word from him yet but I expect to hear more on Monday.  It was scary reading it at first but as I started to think about it and apply what I've learned working at Commercial Real Estate companies, I began to feel more comfortable and confident.

Last night, I also sat down with the illustration of Zoe Girl and with Lisa's portfolio from her website and wrote down all of the thoughts and ideas I have about the future of Zoe Girl.  I sent those to Cori in a bit of a free form manner with the question "Am I making any sense?  Can you artistically determine what on earth I'm try to say here?"  If anyone can, she can!

As I wait to see what will happen with the leasing process, I'll be continuing to contact wholesalers next week.  It is a rather challenging conversation at this point, since I don't know yet when I'll need to purchase stock but as long as I get on their lists and approved, that is a big hurdle.  It is a lot of fun to "Shop for the Shop!"

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  1. How exciting! I love Cori's illustrations.