Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Software Selection

This morning, I had an appointment with Vendor A to review software and hardware for Zoe's Accounting, Office Automation, and Point of Sale Systems. Vendor A finished with mixed reviews, not because of the product selection/capabilities/pricing but because of their lack of preparedness for my meeting.

Don't get me wrong - they were friendly, personable and helpful to the extent they could be. Note I say "could be" because if they had actually listened to what I had asked them to show me as part of setting up the appointment, it would have been a very good meeting! And yes, I can picture some of you laughing because you know how pleased I always was when vendors came in unprepared.

There are days that I think to myself "Surely I am not the only person who researches X, Y or Z prior to making a decision. There are too many other people who have opened retail businesses for me to believe that I'm out doing something no one else has done." Maybe the heat is making everyone loco. (I'm studying Spanish right now to keep my mind challenged in different ways).

Anyway, I have some basic information to go on and more research to do. Let's see if Vendor B does a better job tomorrow...

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