Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Two weeks until my personal deadline of finalizing the business plan! Thanks to all of you who are keeping me accountable!

This morning, I had two excellent phone calls. One with a broker/realtor who specializes in space in Del Ray. We are going to meet for coffee to discuss my needs on Friday morning. I was very impressed with her - she had a real passion for the neighborhood/community and she had researched me based on emails we had traded late last week/early this week. She also told me about a news story that appeared on Fox 5 (Washington DC) News this morning about Del Ray!

After review the catalogue they sent last week, I spoke with Christian at RTR Packaging about my needs for Bags, Boxes, Tissue Paper, Garment Bags, Receipt Holders and Gift Card Holders. He is sending me a sampler that should arrive in 3 - 5 days so that I can better select what I need. Their lead time on custom items is 90 - 120 days. I found RTR when shopping with my Mom at a boutique called Sonia Says in Athens, GA. I absolutely love their collateral and wanted to use the same supplier.

After a delightful lunch with three old friends in Old Town, Alexandria (and an external peek at some space as I walked to the restaurant), I went across the river to National Harbor. One of my friends had recommended a new store called Charming Charlie. In the name of research, of course I had to check it out! I like to understand the different concepts that stores use and how they make themselves unique, even if they are things that would not work for Zoe. Charming Charlie is divided into areas by the specific colors of accessories - they have jewelry, handbags, some shoes and some clothing as well as some odds and ends. The store was very busy for 2:00 in the afternoon but I couldn't tell if people were buying or just looking. Prices were quite reasonable but the quality also looked inexpensive. It is a great place to go if one wanted some costume jewelry or a purse that you wouldn't carry on a regular basis. I'll definitely go back again.

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